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Your Vision – Your Mix

» You give your all with every single step – from training to competition. You don’t stop until everyone’s on the edge of their seat. Anyone that brings so much passion to the stage deserves the perfect music mix. A mix that hits the mark as brilliantly as your performance.

Whether it’s a mashup, medley, remix or just the final touches to your music editing, forget all those frustrating do-it-yourself attempts and get the sound that will take your show from 0 to 100 now.

As a dancer and choreographer, I know how crucial every single beat is for success. With Showmusik Sounds, I join this belief with my knowledge as music producer and DJ. My goal is to create a personalised dance mix that helps you get the absolute most out of your vision, choreography and energy. Emotionally charged and clear to all – you, your crew and your audience. So, get ready for the next level!«

— Oriano Medde
—  Founder, Showmusik Sounds


The Advantages of Showmusik


Expertise & Technology


Uniquely masterful

Music producer, sound engineer, DJ, dancer, choreographer – the list of my qualifications and skills is long. This is exactly what makes the work of, and with, me so special.

Many years before studying audio production and training to become an audiovisual media manager, I started my career as a hip-hop dance teacher, professional dancer and coach on the competition scene. Among other things, I won the European Masters of Dance with my dance group ‘Kollektiv Mischkonsum’. I won numerous other national and international competitions in formation dancing – all the way to the world championship title. Not least to my extraordinary music mixes.

Since 2018, I have been applying my dancing instinct and musical know-how with Showmusik Sounds for dancers and dance groups all over the world. It’s beyond amazing to see my clients regularly winning championships and going viral with their Showmusik dance mixes.


Your Sound Paradise

When it comes to music production and editing, it isn’t just skills that count. The best sound and beats can only be brought to life by the right equipment. This is exactly what every perfect performance needs!

In my acoustically optimised recording studio in Berlin, I use the highest quality hardware and software available on the market. Using Logic Pro X and Ableton Live, technically I produce at the level of the world-famous producers for the likes of Beyoncé, Daddy Yankee and Lady Gaga.

You’ll be treated to pulsing bass and more than one million sound effects to catapult your performance into the professional league. I’m far from reaching my limits, though. Drummers, pianists, guitarists and a host of other studio musicians enrich my Showmusik Sounds team, giving us near-unlimited sound possibilities.


Showmusik Dance Mixes


Showmusik Customers

» It was great working with you! Super communicative and unproblematic… you took care of every little detail that was important to us and we ended up with an absolutely mega music mix that surpassed our expectations ☺ On top of that, you put so much effort into everything on the side (track listing, detailed explanations etc.) and took loads of work off our shoulders! Next year again, for sure! «
— Novabeatz, Dance Crew

» Oriano is the absolute perfect partner when it comes to music mixes for dance. He is very professional and always on point. He immediately understands what you’re looking for and, through his years of successful experience as a dancer and music producer, he not only has the perfect feeling for music and transitions, but also super ideas that make every music mix something special. «

— Camillo Lauricella, Choreographer, Creative Director

» Working with Oriano is uncomplicated and great fun. His impact as a choreographer makes each project unique and is inspiring when, among other things, it comes to constructing a show. I was initially sceptical about giving up this important task but after Oriano edited the first show, I was so won-over that I trusted him with the music mixes for all my groups. I don’t want to do it without him in the future. «

— Mara Essers, owner, Tanzschule Dance It!

» Thanks to his years of experience on stage and as a producer, Oriano knows how to make transitions fluid and subtle, even without long briefings. He’s always successfully implemented the music in a way that achieves the desired visual effect. I am very satisfied with his work and have received only positive feedback. If you need the perfect mix, head to Oriano. «

— Robert Lenart, professional dancer, choreographer

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Showmusik Services

Competition Mix

Think you’ve got the winning moves? I have the winning mix! With the finest sound effects (accents) and dance transitions, from dramatic pauses to awe-inspiring moments that give you goosebumps – everything you need to create a winning show is included here.

Combining my many years of experience and first-class technology, I bring together several songs to create your music mix for competitions, performances, showcases and other events.

Get the stage pumping and offer judges and spectators an unforgettable performance!


Single Mix

You need the right sound for dance classes, TikTok challenges, concept videos or one-song-shows? Then the Single Mix is perfect for you!

I remix your favourite song into a wow song – including a personal intro, custom-made sequencing and extraordinary accents, you will get a completely new version of the song. All tailored to your needs.

That’s not enough for you? No problem. Add an individual Dance Break where you can go full out and amaze your audience.


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